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Hi, I'm Pluto! I'm a compsci major who likes web development. This site is a WIP!

I speak English and some Mandarin (though I'm kinda rusty unfortunately). I like a lot of different types of games, but my favorite genres are metroidvanias and rhythm games!

I'm really into D&D and making homebrew, so now that I'm thinking about it, I should make a tab for that too...

The games I'm currently playing a lot are Rain World, Splatoon, and Genshin Impact (11/14/2023). They have given me brain worms ♥

Other games I love deeply are Hollow Knight, Muse Dash, Project Sekai, Love Live (RIP), Subnautica, Lioden, and Metal: Hellsinger. Games I'm waiting to come out are Nine Sols and Crowsworn.

(All the above will probably be moved to the games tab when it's made!)

As for music, I'm a big fan of most genres. I often get an ear for specific things and they don't leave my head for ages.

This page will most definitely be edited later on as well, since I just wanted to fill this with text for now. There'll be stamps/buttons in the sidebar! Gallery will be for my art, games will be where I talk about games, music will have links to my music (as well as an actual music player), and OCs will have a lot of information about my OCs!

As for other to-dos... the folder icon top right of the window will link to my other internet places, while the stars will link to my friends here on Neocities.

If you want to become friends, I'd love to see comments! And I'm planning on adding a guestbook at some point.

See you around!